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Created for "The Office"

Created for “The Office”

This cat was built for the hit television series, "The Ofiice".
This cat was built for the hit television series, “The Office”


Bellagio workers swing the new 15' tall, horse statue sculpted by Jack Zhang.

Bellagio workers swing the new 15′ tall, horse statue sculpted by Jack Zhang.

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!  This year was represented by the horse.  Animal Makers provided eight horse statue originals to the Bellagio Las Vegas this year.  The show goes on for several months.

old and young observers love the horse sculptures!

Young and old love these horse sculptures!

You can own a horse sculpture like those provided to the Bellagio.  There are two more in production right now.  ”Running Mustang” and “Dressage Jumper” are the names of these two new creations.

Our studio is made up of artists, craftspeople, and mechanical technicians and fabricators who strive to deliver great displays and shooting rigs to audiences around the world. You can tap our specialities to design and create displays that attract viewers and customers to your door. Streetmosphere elements are also available such as special effects suits, animated displays and walk around hand puppets.

This next video is a 2013 tour of the Conservatory at Bellagio Las Vegas during February of 2013.  The Year of the Snake is presented is a classy way, as always.


YouTube has many videos presenting the cobra of 2013.  Here’s another one.  Featured is the animatronic tree set in for the 4th year since Animal Makers built it.  There is a new tree “skin” that is larger than the first skin.  All we did was animate the face.  This one reason the talking tree gets so much publicity as it does.

Back to the snake of Chinese New Year, we see the visitor’s camera carefully recording the look of this stunning display.

Here’s a full scale adult female elephant as it gets a skin coating applied. It was designed and created to be installed in San Antonio, Texas at a megachurch. More than 28,000 people were in line on Saturday, March 16, to tour The Ark”, wrote “The Christian Post” on March 22, 2013.